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As a parent, I know how tough it can be to watch your kids play a sport.  You know they will get banged-up, bruised and eventually suffer a painful injury.  You take your job as their protector very seriously. In fact, the parent-protector role is one of the strongest human behaviors. So how do you protect your child as they grow and develop through sports?

The best way is to come prepared to immediately treat the inevitable soft-tissue injury. Bring a small ice chest with zipper bags full of ice, Frog-Skin™ and flexi-wrap.  When they do suffer a soft-tissue injury, lightly wrap Frog-Skin™ around the injured area, surround with ice bags, overwrap with the flexi-wrap and elevate the injured area. Done. You can leave it in place for hours. No need for 20 minute cycles. No aching, numbness, spasms or worries about ice injury. They receive immediate combined cold and compression therapy. You get peace-of-mind.

Get Frog-Skin™ for your children who play sports.  Bring your care kit with you. Know that your advance preparation affords them the best immediate field therapy possible.

Parents, you got this!

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