2-A-Day Practices Are Here!!

It's August!  That means football teams have started the infamous 2-a-day practices. In honor of all the players toughing it out in the heat, we are offering a special deal. Buy two or more Frog-Skin wraps with a discount of $4.00 off each. That's $8.00 total savings.  We are even throwing in a free upgrade to Priority Shipping.

Use the discount code  2aday  at checkout to see your $8.00 discount.  No limit per customer.  Get as many as you like while our supplies last. 


Recover quickly each evening from pain, swelling and overuse.  Use Frog-Skin wraps BEFORE you apply ice or gelpacks.   It is a great way to care for your joints, muscles and other soft tissue.

 Why Frog-Skin??

Frog-Skin wraps are the most advanced product available to care for your soft-tissue recovery.  It controls your skin temperature to a comfortable 43 degrees F, gives you great control over compression, and can be applied right out of the freezer. 

Why two?

Because football players are, well, big.  Our wraps are over 3 feet long, but it often takes 2 of them to get around those guns and muscular legs. 


Hurry.  This offer expires on August 14.  Get 2 Frog-Skins to handle your 2-a-day practices.


Minimum 2 wrap purchase.  No limit.

Subject to available stock

Frog-skin reserves the right to substitute colors if the selected color is sold-out.