Combined cold and compression therapies are widely recognized as the optimal
treatments for soft-tissue injuries.  Pro athletes have access to the best available care.  
Your children deserve the best too.
Whether you are a parent, athletic trainer or coach,
field treatment options for soft-tissue injuries have been limited,until now.
Inspired by a quest for better options to care for his own children’s sports injuries, founder
Brian Stewart has worked for years to develop Frog-Skin™.  
Stewart, a NASA engineer with more than 35 years of experience designing materials and structures has developed and perfected Frog-Skin products.  He has created easy, safe, comfortable and affordable medical-grade materials that combine cold and compression therapies into amazing products that are great for children and adults of all ages.
Frog-Skin™ products are offered with several options to meet your own individual needs.  Tapes are available to maintain 41 degree or 64 degree skin temperatures.  Our 41 degree tape is the choice for maximum cooling.  Our 64 degree tape is best for cold-sensitive patients.
Frog-Skin™ is designed to integrate into current field practices. 
Usage is very intuitive. Simply wrap Frog-Skin™ tape around the injured area prior to normal ice application for precision temperature control AND combined compression therapy that is safe for hours.
It can be applied with confidence by athletic trainers, coaches, parents and athletes themselves.  All Frog-Skin™ tapes include easy-to-follow instructions. 


Frog-Skin™ is proud to team with Versability Resources.  

Versability is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities through meaningful work. Starting in November 2016, Versability partnered with us to manufacture Frog-Skin™ Tape prototypes. They are now our primary production, packaging and order fulfillment resource.  As the Frog-Skin™ product line expands, we plan to provide more job opportunities for people with disabilities.